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WordPress Plugin: YouTube SimpleGallery 1.5

I know it’s just a week since I released the previous version of YouTube SimpleGallery, but feedback and suggestions keep pouring in from the users. And I think some of them are so good, I have to implement them immediately – and when they work out, I just can’t wait to release a new version. Sorry! So here it is; YouTube SimpleGallery 1.5 with a small batch of user requested features. Continue reading

WordPress Plugin: YouTube SimpleGallery 1.3

I’ve just released v1.3 of the YouTube SimpleGallery. The new release is mainly bugfixes; both pertaining to changes in the way WordPress auto-embeds media-URLs and to how YouTube has changed it’s embedding-form (from object to iFrame). Hopefully this will eliminate broken thumbnails and blank Thickboxes which several users have reported in the last weeks.

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WordPress Plugin: YouTube SimpleGallery 1.0

Wow! It’s been seven months since the last update of the YouTube SimpleGallery plugin. A lot has happened since then, not the least the release of WordPress 3.0. Since its first release in December 2009 the plug has been downloaded almost 3.500 times! Lately I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails with bugs – and I really appreciate that, keep it up! – especially about broken thumbnails, and sometimes about problems with Thickbox.

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WordPress Plugin: YouTube SimpleGallery v0.2 beta

It’s only six days since I launched YouTube SimpleGallery v0.1 beta, and already it’s seen over 100 downloads. User feedback has been good. Some users have asked for an option to include titles/descriptions in the gallery, and I’m happy to say that this option is included in v0.2 beta.
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WordPress Plugin: YouTube SimpleGallery v0.1 beta

I wrote a script recently for a new WordPress-site I’m setting up. The script takes a batch of YouTube-links and makes a gallery of clickable thumbnails, automatically fetched from YouTube’s servers. Clicking a thumbnail opens the video in Thickbox, on the site.

The script worked great, and I figured it would be pretty easy to convert it to a plugin – so I did. Check out YouTube SimpleGallery v0.1 Beta. I’m releasing it as a beta version. Please test it out, and report back any bugs.