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Setting up a multilingual WordPress site

I often have clients who need a multilingual website. This isn’t plug & play when it comes to WordPress (though rumor has it WP 3.0 will support multiple sites in one install, which probably will make multilingual WP sites a breeze), but there are sollutions. WordPress’s Page system is pretty flexible, and can with just a few moderations be used for multiple languages.

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Setting up WordPress as a CMS – part 2

In part 1 I discussed how cleaning up the Dashboard in WordPress by removing excess admin panels and editor sections makes it easier to use, especially for users who are new to WordPress. In this part I’ll be discussing how to add options for excluding pages from navigation and how to add alternate titles.

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WordPress Plugin: YouTube SimpleGallery v0.2 beta

It’s only six days since I launched YouTube SimpleGallery v0.1 beta, and already it’s seen over 100 downloads. User feedback has been good. Some users have asked for an option to include titles/descriptions in the gallery, and I’m happy to say that this option is included in v0.2 beta.
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Display different number of Posts

When using WordPress, I often see the need to display a different number of Posts in different contexts. Maybe I just want to display the five newest on the frontpage, but show 50 (with just the headlines) when browsing Archives, etc. WordPress doesn’t let you do this – at least not from the Dashboard – in Reader Settings there’s only one field that lets you set the number of Posts, which is used all-over (defaults to 10).

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WordPress Plugin: YouTube SimpleGallery v0.1 beta

I wrote a script recently for a new WordPress-site I’m setting up. The script takes a batch of YouTube-links and makes a gallery of clickable thumbnails, automatically fetched from YouTube’s servers. Clicking a thumbnail opens the video in Thickbox, on the site.

The script worked great, and I figured it would be pretty easy to convert it to a plugin – so I did. Check out YouTube SimpleGallery v0.1 Beta. I’m releasing it as a beta version. Please test it out, and report back any bugs.




Setting up WordPress as a CMS – part 1

WordPress is best known as the leading (free) blogging software on the web. But it can also be used as a full-fledged CMS if you know how to take advantage of its flexibility. However, WordPress comes with a host of features which you probably won’t need if you’re using it as a CMS rather than a blogg – such as Comments, Links, and even Posts. So you might want to remove these, especially if you’re setting up a CMS for someone who’s inexperienced and/or have never used WordPress before. Cleaning up the Dashbaord and Editor by removing sections the users don’t need, users who are new to WordPress won’t be distracted by menu items and editor sections they’ll never need to use.

Basically, by removing the excess funtions the users never need, WordPress feels more complete and functional as a CMS. This might make the learning curve a little less steep.

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