WP Global Screen Options



  1. Download the Plugin
  2. Unzip the archive
  3. Upload the folder “wp-global-screen-options” to “/wp-content/plugins/”
  4. Activate the Plugin in the WordPress Dashboard
  5. Go to settings and select meta boxes to hide (see Usage below)


This plugin let’s you set global “Screen Options” for all users in the Dashboard and when adding/editing Posts and Pages. Sets screen options for all users, current and new ones. Option to hide “Screen Options” tab on the Posts and Page pages in WP-admin.


WP Global Screen Options


  • 0.1: First release

2 thoughts on “WP Global Screen Options

  1. Bart Jurgens

    Hi, I want to let you know I am enthousiastic about your plug-in. I was looking for a way to hide the possible havocking extra options the Pagelines Pro theme offers my co-editors, and after adding their id’s to your arrays, bingo!

    So one thing you could add in a future version is trying to detect the extra options themes and plugins add to the meta section automatically.

  2. Luca

    Hi, niece plugin
    But is there a way to hide the options of the “Add New” article page to?
    Thank you very much, Luca


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