WordPress Plugin: YouTube SimpleGallery 1.5

I know it’s just a week since I released the previous version of YouTube SimpleGallery, but feedback and suggestions keep pouring in from the users. And I think some of them are so good, I have to implement them immediately – and when they work out, I just can’t wait to release a new version. Sorry! So here it is; YouTube SimpleGallery 1.5 with a small batch of user requested features.

New features in this version include:

  • Option for thumbnail size: using the largest thumbnail available from YouTube (480×360), users can now define the desired width of the thumbnails on the Settings Page.
  • Option for columns: Defining the number of thumbs that fits in one row within their current theme, users can define the numbers of thumbs per row. Rows will be broken with clear: both; avoiding broken galleries due to long titles, etc. The number of columns can also be defined for each gallery, using [youtubegallery cols=x], overriding the default settings.
  • Style option for titles: Users can now define, from the Settings Page, their own CSS styles for the titles.

Again I owe a debt of gratitude to the user base, who provide invaluable feedback and suggestions, helping me develop YouTube SimpleGallery further and further, and (hopefully) continually making it better. Thank you all! Keep the feedback coming!

9 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: YouTube SimpleGallery 1.5

  1. Ravn

    still got the old pb with this plugin

    the plugin shows right on all the browsers but in the explorer
    the tumbnails will not resize

    so pls can u fix that

    1. Borislav

      If you rewrite all those files back, then uapitdng loses it meaning, also it can break plugin if author did some changes in that files and they’re used some other places. Can’t remember any of them right now, but in general it can be done. Mar 12 at 13:08

  2. cmonster

    Very nice plugin. Would it be possible to add the ability to include a .flv (flash video) file from another another site?


  3. Marta Martins

    In my “Video” page, when I open a vídeo of the youtube gallery, it maximizes and doesn’t open with fancy box for wordpress. It says I don’t have it installed, but I have installed and activated.

    Why this is happening?

  4. jenny

    Thank you for this great plugin!
    I urgently need some assistance please.
    How can I set the thumbnail in the sidebar widget, to be a different size to the thumbnails on the gallery page?
    So basically I need to be able to set 2 different thumbnail sizes, one size for the normal gallery and one size for the sidebar widget.

  5. Peter

    Hi ! Where do i put the custom CSS if i don’t want to use the pluginstandard CSS.. ? This is something that isn’t obvious to everyone.

    Very good plugin btw, be proud!


  6. aleks

    Hey there, first of all, great work on the WP Plugin, really nice for pictures and video for that matter.

    However, since an update sometime back it seems the plugin no longer recognizes the FancyBox plugin.

    I have tried with a clean installation of WordPress and downloaded ONLY these two plugins in order to make them work together, and it just wont do.
    Regardless of what plugin is activated first or not the notifier on the settings screen does not recognise it what so ever.

    Now I’m not gonna “demand” that you fix this, as it is not your “job” per say. But I was wondering if this is something you are working on, and possibly have an ETA for this fix?


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