WordPress Plugin: YouTube SimpleGallery 1.4

To celebrate the release of WordPress 3.1 I’ve just released version 1.4 of YouTube SimpleGallery. Where the previous update dealt mostly with fixing bugs, this new version boasts a lot of new features – not the least among them: Widgets!

New features include:

  • Added support for Widgets – just go to Appearance > Widgets and add as many galleries to your Sidebar as you want
  • Added support for Fancybox (use Fancybox for WordPress)
  • Added option to autoplay videos on click
  • Embedding is now HTML5 compliant for all Gallery Effects.
  • Detailed description of Usage and FAQ on Settings Page.

Most of these new features are requests/suggestions from users – hope you enjoy! I’ve tried to test this version on several WP-installs, on both Mac and Windows, and in several browsers. Still, there might be bugs, so please don’t hesitate to leave feedback and bug reports, either here on in the WP forums.

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