WordPress Plugin: Vimeo SimpleGallery v0.1

Here, have another plugin! I’ve just released Vimeo SimpleGallery, which is pretty much the little brother of YouTube SimpleGallery. It’s basically the YouTube SimpleGallery-plugin rewritten to eat Vimeo-URIs, instead of YouTube-URIs, and spit out a gallery.

If you’re familiar with YouTube SimpleGallery this one won’t seem different at all. They both work the same way, with pretty much the same options. The only difference is that the Vimeo-version can fetch video size and titles from Vimeo automatically, as with the YouTube-version you had to define both manually.

Here’s how it works:

Add the following code:



And you get:


2 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: Vimeo SimpleGallery v0.1

  1. Robert

    Great plugin! I am having trouble with videos that are set to private with URL authentication – in other words I have set the privacy to allow the video on my blog but the video private video doesn’t display. I have tested this with a non-wordpress site and the url authentication works fine.

  2. Mike

    Great plugin!

    I do have one questions though. How can I add a download link under each video in the gallery?

    I’m wanting to put a download image under each video directing them to a downloadable file.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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