WordPress Plugin: YouTube SimpleGallery v0.1 beta

I wrote a script recently for a new WordPress-site I’m setting up. The script takes a batch of YouTube-links and makes a gallery of clickable thumbnails, automatically fetched from YouTube’s servers. Clicking a thumbnail opens the video in Thickbox, on the site.

The script worked great, and I figured it would be pretty easy to convert it to a plugin – so I did. Check out YouTube SimpleGallery v0.1 Beta. I’m releasing it as a beta version. Please test it out, and report back any bugs.




4 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: YouTube SimpleGallery v0.1 beta

  1. dina

    Love the plugin! great work. I was wondering if you knew of a way to insert a title under (or above) the thumbnail? Are you working on something like that, by any chance?



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