WordPress Plugin: YouTube SimpleGallery 1.0

Wow! It’s been seven months since the last update of the YouTube SimpleGallery plugin. A lot has happened since then, not the least the release of WordPress 3.0. Since its first release in December 2009 the plug has been downloaded almost 3.500 times! Lately I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails with bugs – and I really appreciate that, keep it up! – especially about broken thumbnails, and sometimes about problems with Thickbox.

I’ve tried to eliminate all these bugs in this latest version, and hopefully I’ve been able to do that. But YouTube is huge, and I can’t test every video on it with my plug, so feedback from its users are invaluable.

Also, I’ve added an option to use Shadowbox JS instead of Thickbox. This seems like a smart move since development of Thickbox has been discontinued (the Thickbox option is kept, though, for backwards compatibility). Personally I like Shadowbox a lot better than Thickbox, especially when using titles. I hope Shadowbox will work better (e.g. in terms of conflict with other plugins), and that YouTube SimpleGallery has been ever better!

Oh yeah, I’ve also decided to move it out of beta, since I now feel confident it’s a working and usable plugin. So head over and download it, or go to your WP-Dashboard and upgrade it!  As always, any feedback is appreciated!

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